An Overview Of Personal Hyperbaric Chamber: The History, Benefits And Risks It Involves

Some say that the loss of memory and brain function caused by the experience of having a stroke is akin to what happens to the brain in cases of near drowning. This connection has been quite lucky, medically speaking, because from it we have discerned that portable hyperbaric oxygen chambers may be used for stroke victims.

In fact, the first hyperbaric chambers were hyperbaric chamber price used by navies and diving organizations, so that people might get used to living on less oxygen and have a method of treatment that would work in case anything went wrong. Today, there are many people besides those who have had a stroke who also use hyperbaric chambers. Patients with autism and cerebral palsy, diabetics, and even athletes are seeing positive results from hyperbaric chambers.

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBOT) works by pressurizing the chamber with pure oxygen, much more concentrated than the approximately 20% that we breathe in normally pressurized conditions. The oxygen supply in red blood cells and plasma is replenished, maximizing the amount of oxygen these can carry to muscles and tissue. Oxygen tends to heal injured tissue and organs in the body, restoring internal health. It also leads to better brain function by reducing swelling in the brain and removing excess fluids, making hyperbaric chambers ideal for stroke patients.

Stroke is said to be caused by lack of blood flowing to the brain, which can be in turn due to thrombosis, which is blood clotting due to a lack of oxygen in the blood. Treatments in hyperbaric chambers can reinstate healthy levels of oxygen in the blood, which can help stroke victims recover and, if a patient is susceptible to stroke, prevent it. Stroke may also be caused by air embolism, which can be the migration of gas or air bubbles in the body blocking the flow of blood. In a hyperbaric chamber, this air gets converted to oxygen and dispersed throughout the blood, making air embolism much less likely.

Cases of patients of neurological disorders like cerebral palsy and autism, who have been diagnosed with an unlikely recovery, have also found relief from hyperbaric chambers. After just a short period of time, children with autism had better communication skills, and children with cerebral palsy had better balance and more speaking abilities. Luckily, more is known about stroke than either of these developmental disabilities, so experts can make more connections in the benefits of hyperbaric chambers for stroke victims.

HBOT is an excellent solution for you or your loved one who has had a stroke. Please talk to your doctor before acquiring your own hyperbaric chamber or beginning treatments to make sure it is right for you. Then witness as the portable hyperbaric oxygen chamber makes great differences for someone who has had a stroke or is at risk.