Are There Free Pokemon Games Available Today?

There is no doubt that Pokemon have conquered the world in the forms of manga, anime series, TV-series and of course video games. The story of 10-year old boy and his cute Pokemon Pikachu has become so popular that children all over the world follow their life stories and gladly help Ash become a world’s famous Pokemon master – for which he needs to travel a lot all over the globe together with his friends, search for the new Pokemon and the new exciting adventures!

Pokemon is the name given to many creatures – presumably Pokemon ROMs derived from the words “Pocket Monster”. There are more than 250 types of different Pokemon, each of them having their unique name and each being comics, anime and game superstar.

When it comes to Pokemon games, they are so popular that it seems that no matter how many of them are released every now and then, they are still not enough. There is even a possibility now for every fan to create his or her own Pokemon game – there are special game makers with ready graphics, and all that you need to do is to develop the plot line and make your own game!

What is the traditional story behind a Pokemon game? Of course it normally deals with the adventures of Ash and his friends, the goal of their adventures being to know more about different Pokemon and become famous Pokemon trainers. Sometimes a team of villains is also present in the games whose aim is to get rare Pokemon using cunning tricks and deceit – they are Ash’s enemies who should be avoided or confronted.

Pokemon games are often very enjoyable and funny, so there is no wonder that thousands of children in different countries enjoy following the adventures of these cute creatures.