Factors affecting the quality of the air-type electric heater – welding

Among the use of wind-type electric heaters in life, welding is one of the factors affecting its quality, and give you a specific introduction to everyone. First, welding is a very important step. Most of the system is delivered by the pipe, so the connection between the pipe and the duct, the pipeline, and other components, in addition to the bolt connection, is welded. First, the flange is welded to the pipe, and then connect two pipes through the bolt connection. Because the pipeline is ganhen, the temperature and pressure are relatively high, and the quality of welding directly affects the quality of the entire system. It should be seen that the welding process is an indispensable step in the design of the thermal conductive oil system. Second, welding is a process of local rapid heating and cooling of the wind-type electric heaters, and the welding region of the four-weeks of the workpiece cannot be freely expanded and contracted, and the best space heater workpiece is cooled in the welding stress or even deformation. . So some important products have to reduce welding stress in the welding after welding, correct welding deformation. Today’s welding technology has been developed, which can be welded and more equal to even higher than those of the connected body, without inside and abroad. The welded joint means that the welded joint is in the mutual position of the space, but the strength at the joint is not only affected by weld quality, the geometric shape, the force, dimensions, and working conditions. The above is the influence of welding on the wind-type electric heater, I hope everyone has a further understanding of it.