Home Decor – A Guide to Wall Tapestries

Today’s larger houses and open ground plans are ideal for wall tapestries. Once the hallmark of mansions and castles, wall tapestries provide trendy property owner a awesome design solution that provides splendor, warm temperature and allure to the house.

Selecting the appropriate wall tapestry for your home is an easy and fun method, in case you follow these simple tips.


Unlike a portray, a wall tapestry needs interest. So you need to select a location before you begin shopping for a size, concern or style. You need to select a wall that does not get loads of direct light or consistent daylight. Direct solar can reason the threads to weaken and fade the coloration of wall hangings over time.


Once you’ve got a vicinity in mind, you can determine on the hard dimensions for the wall tapestry. A tall and thin wall space will look better with a vertical work even as a huge wall area can also appearance higher with Tapestry Friends Home Wall a horizontal piece. Scale is very crucial in wall or home decor. A widespread rule of thumb is that a tapestry can occupy up to 80% of the wall (you can’t do this with a portray!). You don’t need to get a wall tapestry that is too small or too large for the wall you have got in thoughts.

Subject Matter

The subject of the wall art tapestry is an issue of private flavor. There are an countless selection of patterns – scenic, nevertheless lifestyles, heroic deeds, mythology, Medieval, graphics, castles, landmarks and a myriad of more modern-day designs and themes. When deciding on the issue count number, be sure you issue in the palette of colours used. You don’t want to select a design in which the colors conflict with your current furniture and wall colorings.

Time to Buy

Now that you located the wall tapestry that fits your taste and your coloration scheme, it’s time to buy. Most tapestries are available several sizes so that you can pick out the only that most carefully suits your wall dimensions. When selecting a dealer, you want to discover a official one who can answer your questions, help you chop your selections and offer you with the best size to your wall.


Most wall art tapestries come with a tunnel that you could thread a striking rod through. This lets in you to without difficulty cling your tapestry, much like you will a curtain. Once you’ve got your tapestry in vicinity, you need to give it the proper lighting fixtures. A repositionable ceiling fixture or song lighting works properly for lighting any wall tapestry, large or small. If it’s no longer viable, a floor lamp or even a desk lamp may additionally provide the wall tapestry enough dramatic lights, mainly if the room has some indirect natural mild filtering in.

No remember which wall tapestry you pick out for redecorating your own home indoors, you may be sure that it will speedy end up a focus to your decor that few different works of art can fit. The rich textures, colourful colorings and dramatic scale of these tapestries are as inspiring as they may be stunning.