How to Rotate and Crop Video on Mac and PC?

If you already know the photo application. Then obviously, you have an idea about the video editor. If you don’t know it at all. Then read this guide and know the different steps to rotate your video. 

1. Find and Launch Photos on Your Computer

First, you need to find the photos on your desktop. After that, type the photo and open the app.

2. Open the Video Editor

Once you open the app, start choosing the videos you need to edit. 

3. Upload Your Video

Once you find the video, start uploading it on the app. After that, choose the Next video project and start the process of editing. 

4. Rotate Your Video

In the last, you may choose the Rotate option and turn the video. With every click, you may turn the video in different directions. Continue this process until you find the right position. 

5. Cropping Video on VLC Media Player

The following are some steps that you may take to crop the video:

1. Play the Target Video on VLC

When you play the video on VLC. It helps you to take the video in the tool. So, you may edit the video as you want. 

2. Go to Tools and Preferences

After opening the app, go to the dashboard. Then you have to select the preference option from a long list of options. 

3. Crop the Video

In the preference option, you have to choose the video and start editing it. In the end, you may open the cropping filter. 


We have discussed the process of cropping or rotating the video. Now, it is up to you how and which video you want to crop. After cropping, save the video in the gallery. Also if you want to know how you can enhance your video worth then click on this link filmlifestyle to make your camera shots stand out!