Long-live hardware stamping mold steel makes our customer satisfaction

We are the manufacturer of aluminum profiles, mainly engaged in the manufacture and production of home aluminum and industrial aluminum molds. Whether our mold can be recognized by the market, except for design and heat treatment, the high and low quality of mold steel To the decisive role, the reason for choosing rummer hardware stamping mold steel is that the steel, no wear resistance, low pass rate, short service life before use.

Since Metal Stamping Tooling the use of the hardware stamping die steel, the company’s product passed rate has increased, but the rework rate has fallen a lot, and the customer’s satisfaction is improved. The company’s sales doubled before. So, I especially thanked Dongguan Long Total Mold Steel Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Long-solid mold steel Co., Ltd. is mainly small for small minimalism, focusing on mold processing, personalization customization. It has operational capabilities in the variety and quality of the mold steel, and has also laid a solid foundation for the company’s sustained development. Mainly developed production of plastic mold steel, plastic mold steel,

silicone rubber die steel

, hardware mold steel, die-casting mold steel. With more than 20 material processing equipment, customers can meet the different processing needs of various materials.