Removalists – Moving Tips for the First Time – What to Consider

There are many factors to consider when selecting interstate removalists. It is important to be familiar with the local area, but having an international Removalists that covers all aspects of your move will give you the confidence that your belongings can arrive at your new place safely and securely.

Here are some things to think about when you visit your country of origin:

Before you make your move

A move to a new place, especially when you are moving across the country or internationally, can be challenging. Most people don’t know everything they need in order to successfully manage their moving process. To make your move as stress-free as possible, ensure that you do not forget anything. It’s a great idea to have a consultant come to your house and offer assistance.

They will prepare a checklist listing all of the tasks you need to take care of. They will identify the specific packaging and transportation requirements for your particular situation and help you to make arrangements. They will discuss other services that could be of help to you. These services may include packaging, transit options or insurance, storage at your location, vehicle transport, pet carriage, house cleaning, relocation assistance, as well as assistance with finding homes, schools or other services.

Packers and Movers

Some people prefer packing their own belongings. Most removalists will be able to offer you the option to have items professionally packed or “owner packed”. In some cases, however, transit insurance may not apply to “owner packed”.

You can choose to have all your belongings professionally packed. A team leader should be assigned. It is vital that the packaging be done on-site. This will ensure that everything is safe and that you feel confident about the way your goods were packed. The key points to keep in mind are that your movers have professionally trained employees and that wrapping techniques ensure maximum care for all goods. This is an example:

In order to protect fragile items, you need innovative methods such as wrapping tubes in tissue paper, craft or corrugated paper.

The best way to protect paintings is to wrap them individually before putting them into flat picture frames.

Books, CDs, and DVDs should all be transported in smaller boxes to reduce their handling weights.

  • Flat linen boxes protect general clothing and bed linen.
  • Suits or gowns are packed into custom-designed hanging cartons.
  • Some items require special care, such as plasma televisions.
  • To protect lounges or mattresses from dirt and damage, heavy-duty plastic is used.
  • Furniture covers are custom-made for protecting household furniture, such a lounge.
  • Rugs should always be wrapped, secured and rolled to avoid creasing.
  • Special crates for high value items can be constructed for maximum safety.

All packaged items must be completed with a label and number so that they can easily be cross-checked at destination.

Transit Options

A professional removalist should be able to quickly and safely move your goods without causing you any inconvenience. Here are the transit options you should consider:

Containerised transport by road and rail. Containers can be used to transport goods safely and economically. Specially-built containers can also come in a variety of sizes. Tie rails allow for loads to be secured and prevent movement.

Furniture vans that are purpose built for household use are equipped to only transport household goods.

It is best for your belongings to be loaded directly at home. This reduces how often your goods are handled and, in turn, lowers the possibility of accidental damage.

You might even need certain goods air freighted to get them there quickly.

Storing your Belongings

You might need to store your belongings during a relocation. Your goods will be safe and secure at the best facility, regardless of whether they are temporary or permanent. The following are suggestions for storage.

Are the storage module custom made?

Are there any kiln-dried storage systems to prevent condensation at the facility?

Is each consignment kept separate from other people’s belongings?

Is there 24-hour security, and can the facility be electronically monitored and an alarmed by outside security specialists?

A specialist removalist company offers a range of services that will suit your needs whether it is a local, interstate, or international move. Begin by meeting with your relocation agent and creating a plan that makes your move as easy and comfortable as possible.