Using The Internet To Advertise Job Openings

As an employer, it’s nearly impossible to ignore the over 100 million internet users mainly spread across metro cities in India. While job seekers still look for jobs through newspapers and HR agencies, they are increasingly switching to the internet and naturally, employers should follow suit. So how do you go about posting a job on the internet? Here are some ideas on how to recruit candidates using the internet.

Use your words

In contrast to a newspaper ad where you’re charged vacancies in Poltava per word, posting on the internet is cheap and sometimes even free! This allows you to post your job with a detailed job profile giving candidates a better perspective of what is on offer. By posting a well-defined job description, you significantly increase the number of job seekers likely to apply for your job.

Be Pro-active

In the past, employers would publish a job post and wait for job seekers to respond. Nowadays, employers can’t afford to sit back. Once you post a job, ensure you actively participate in the job search by reaching out to candidates who fit your job criteria. Some portals let you filter candidates matching your job profile and easily permit you to shortlist, contact and hire candidates all at the comfort of your desk.

Unlike traditional media, where the lead time between posting a job and getting a response could have been a week to a month, the internet is very dynamic. In the era of smart phones and computers, candidates respond to your job advert almost immediately. As such, you should make it easy for prospective applicants to contact you by placing your email, phone and website address. If phone is your primary means of communication, have someone man the phone, ready to speak to eager applicants. Email provides a low cost option where candidates can send in their CV saving you time as you pre-screen candidates to decide who is interesting enough to call for an interview. If you have a website, put the job advertisement on the careers section.

According to the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), there are over 60 million of Indians on social media with an incredible 97% on Facebook. With social media being the rage, you should consider social media as another avenue to increase the virality of your job post especially if you’re looking for young hires. A majority of job portals share jobs on Facebook where the fans can easily access and share jobs with their friends. A shrewd employer once added a unique twist by offering free meals on twitter for anyone who referred their friend to his job post. Needless to say, he got a lot of job applicants.

With many employers taking advantage of the free job post options, competition in the online job market has become stiff. On average, a job portal in India posts about 500 jobs per day leaving job seekers flooded with so many choices such that your job post could remain hidden. To rise above the clutter, you should opt for a premium plan that ensures your job is ranked higher in job searches increasing the number of applicants who view your job.

The internet has revolutionised how job seekers think of jobs-they see jobs as an extension to their life-after all they spend a third of their lives at work. Candidates now ask for add-ons such as; do you have training opportunities? Free lunch? Free transport? These perks often attract job seekers because it adds a caring personality to the employer. While not all employers can afford to do this, you should nevertheless think of cheaper ways to seem empathetic to employee struggles. This employer even offered jobs to nursing applicants who had school fees arrears.

There are innovative ways of recruiting online coming up every day and the best you can do is stay abreast of the trends to stay ahead of the competition.